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Providing immigration advice regarding preparing theapplications for permanent and temporary Australian and New Zealand visas for revered applicants by registered Australian migration agent with respect to the latest applied immigration laws and regulations

The following visa subclasses are applicable under certain conditions explained below:


Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)

This visa allows you to stay in Australia:
•    as the guardian of an international student younger than 18 years of age studying in Australia on a student visa
•    in exceptional circumstances, as the guardian of an international student over 18 years of age studying in Australia on a student visa.

You might be able to get this visa if you:

•    are a parent or person who has legal custody of the student, or a relative who is nominated by a parent or custodian of the student
•    are at least 21 years of age
•    have no family members younger than 6 years of age, except under certain circumstances
•    are able to provide accommodation, general welfare and other support to the student.

The Student Guardian visa (subclass 580) is a temporary visa for a person who needs to come to Australia to provide care and support for:
•    a student visa holder who is younger than 18 years of age
•    a student visa holder who is older than 18 years of age and who needs such care and support due to exceptional circumstances.
You can apply in or outside Australia by post or in person. You cannot apply online.
There can only be one Student Guardian visa holder at any given time in respect of a particular student visa holder (except in certain limited circumstances).
If you apply in Australia, you must be in Australia to be granted the visa.
If you apply outside Australia, you must be outside Australia to be granted the visa.
This visa allows you to:
•    stay in Australia for the same length of time as the student visa holder in respect of whom you hold this visa (the 'nominating student'), or until the nominating student turns 18 years of age
•    if you lodged your application applied on or after 24 March 2012, study in Australia for up to 20 hours per week in an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS)
•    study in a course other than ELICOS in Australia for up to three months.
In most cases, your family members cannot come with you to Australia. The only exception is that you can bring your child younger than six years of age if either:
•    the child holds a passport that is subject to assessment level 1 or 2 for the Schools Sector visa (subclass 571) (see Student visa program – assessment levels) and there are compassionate and compelling reasons for us to grant a visa, or
•    granting the visa would significantly benefit the relationship between the Australian Government and the government of another country.
The child must meet the same health and health insurance requirements as you (they can be included in your own health insurance).
Dependent children of school age (6 years or older) must apply for their own Schools Sector visa if they will be attending school in Australia.

Please contact us for further information about this visa.