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Professional Australian Immigration Advice

RanikaMelalParseh Immigration Advice Agency
Providing immigration advice regarding preparing theapplications for permanent and temporary Australian and New Zealand visas for revered applicants by registered Australian migration agent with respect to the latest applied immigration laws and regulations
Code of Conduct


Migration Agents and the Code of Conduct
     The Code of Conduct ensures that your registered migration agent will:
•    Be honest with you about your chances of securing a visa;
•    Keep you informed about the progress of your application and any changes that may affect it;
•    Be contactable during business hours and tell you if they change their contact details;
•    Act within the law, your best interests and protect your privacy;
•    Declare any interest they have that may affect your application and not act for you if there is a conflict;
•    Provide you with a written statement — before starting work — of the services to be provided, the estimated fees and other costs;
•    Charge a reasonable fee and, if you pay in advance, keep this in a separate bank account;
•    Provide you with an invoice listing the actual services completed and the amount payable;
•    Provide timely and correct advice and tell you in writing about the result of your application as soon as possible.

For more information about the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents you can download and read the related Pdf file here.