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Providing immigration advice regarding preparing theapplications for permanent and temporary Australian and New Zealand visas for revered applicants by registered Australian migration agent with respect to the latest applied immigration laws and regulations
Temporary work & Employer Sponsored

The following visa subclasses are applicable under certain conditions explained below:


Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (subclass 420)

This visa allows you to work in the Australian entertainment industry as:
•    a performer
•    support or production staff.

You could get this visa if you:

•    will work in the entertainment industry in Australia
•    are nominated by an Entertainment sponsor.

A Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (subclass 420) allows you to work in Australia in the entertainment industry. You can work in film, television or live productions in either a performance or behind-the-scenes role, such as directing, producing and othe production roles.
This visa involves a three stage process:
•    Sponsorship - an Australian organisation, government agency, foreign government agency or eligible individual applies to become an Entertainment sponsor
•    Nomination - the Entertainment sponsor nominates you to undertake a position
•    Visa - you apply for a Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (subclass 420).
This visa is also for family members of people who already hold a Media and Film Staff visa (subclass 423).

This visa allows you to work in the entertainment industry:
•    as a performer in a theatre, film, television or radio production, or a concert or recording
•    to support an entertainer or group of entertainers in relation to a performing contract
•    to work in a production role other than as a performer in a theatre, film, television or radio production, or a concert or recording, to be performed or shown in Australia (for example, directing or producing)
•    to make a documentary or a commercial.
You can:
•    stay in Australia for the period of the nominated position, with a maximum stay of two years
•    do the work or activity specified in your nomination
•    bring eligible family members with you to Australia
•    enter and leave Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid.

For this visa you must be sponsored and nominated for a specific position by an entertainment sponsor who is either:
•    an organisation operating lawfully in Australia
•    a government agency
•    a foreign government agency
•    an eligible individual.

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