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Providing immigration advice regarding preparing theapplications for permanent and temporary Australian and New Zealand visas for revered applicants by registered Australian migration agent with respect to the latest applied immigration laws and regulations

Occupations ceilings update

Occupations group Computer Network Professionals (2631) and Other Engineering Professionals (2339) have reached their ceiling value for this programme year 2016-1017. You will not be invited to apply for Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189 if your occupation is one of the following:

Computer Network Professionals (2631)

·  263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer

·  263112 Network Administrator

·  263113 Network Analyst

Other Engineering Professionals (2339)

·  233911 Aeronautical Engineer

·  233912 Agricultural Engineer

·  233913 Biomedical Engineer

·  233914 Engineering Technologist

·  233915 Environmental Engineer

·  233916 Naval Architect

·  233999 Engineering Professionals nec